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Beyond fear, beyond logic there is only freedom in flight. No longer trapped behind walls or confined in a box.... We will no longer be static in life, instead we flow free..... continuous with change.......we are FLUX!​

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Flux Vertical Theatre was born in 2015 in Berkeley California at Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole. 

Flux is a Bay Area Dance Company specializing in the art of Pole.

Each company member comes from a unique background ranging from classical and contemporary styles of dance, gymnastics, theater and circus arts. We are artists, acrobats and story tellers. We hope to inspire and entertain you through our collaborative work, united by our love of Pole.

Mission: To practice, create and perform inspiring theatrical pieces through self-expression of dance and movement art with the pole as a dance partner. We strive to build a bridge between contemporary dance, pole dance, circus arts, and theater and are respected for our inclusion of all genders and genres of the pole community.

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About Flux Vertical Theatre

We started out as a performance company dancing all over the bay! For 7 years we showcased talent from all styles and genres of pole and dance. Our dream was to one day open a pole studio of our own so we can pass on the knowledge and build a long lasting community around our love of pole. 

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