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Academy Policies

It is the students responsibility to read and be aware of the FVT Academy Policies before coming to their first class. So please read through all of them so we can dance together!


Basic Academy Policies

Here at Flux Vertical Theatre Academy we aim to create an empowering, safe, and enjoyable environment for you and the community. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these very important basic academy policies:

  • There is a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate treatment of others. Respect  your fellow students and our staff.

  • Students engaging in any inappropriate or disrespectful behavior will be dismissed from class. Multiple violations of this policy will result in permanent removal from Flux Vertical Theatre premises.

  • Your instructors must be made aware of any and all pre-existing injuries prior to the start of any class.

  • Students are not allowed to instruct or spot other students.

  • Do not train other movements that are not being taught while in a class or workshop. It is distracting, disrespectful and unsafe. This is grounds for removal from the class or workshop. 

  • Only paid participants are allowed in class.

  • Rings, metal bracelets, metal watches, lotions and body oils are prohibited on our poles. 

  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • Street shoes are not to be worn during any scheduled classes or workshops. 

  • Poles are not to be shaken under any circumstances.

  • Please silence your cell phone prior to entering our facility.

  • Videos and photos of yourself are welcome. If other students are in the desired frame you must obtain their consent first. 

  • If you are sick or feeling under the weather, please do not attend any classes.

  • Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are to be consumed before engaging in any activities at our academy.  Anyone under the influence will not be allowed to participate and will result in forfeiture of their class. 



Registration Policy

FVT Academy students must be 18 years of age or older. 

Due to the limited number of apparatus available for each class and to prevent cancellation due to low registration, pre-registration is required. All registrations must be completed through Mindbody. A liability waiver must be signed and on file in order to register. Class payment is due upon registration via Mindbody.


Late Policy

Please arrive for classes on time as we have a no tardy policy!  If you are more than 5 minutes late to class, you will not be allowed into the classroom and therefore forfeit your class and class credit. This is a safety issue. If you arrive late you will miss the warm up. The warm up is an essential part of any movement class.  We suggest arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of your class so that you are completely ready to go! Please respect our instructors and the other students by arriving to class on time. Reminders about our late policy are included with every class confirmation email therefore no exceptions will be made. Be on time!


“No shows” will result in forfeiture of your class and class credit. 


Cancellation Policies

All cancellations must be done through your Mindbody account. By giving last minute notice or no notice at all, you prevent someone else from being able to schedule into that awesome class! 


Individually scheduled class cancellations are permitted at least 12 hours before the start of class with no penalty and will be deemed an “early cancellation”. Individually scheduled class cancellations within 12 hours of the start of class is a “late cancellation” and will result in forfeiting your class and class credit.


Series class cancellations must be done at least 5 days prior to the first class of the series. Canceling a series at least 5 days prior to the start of the series will result in class credits being issued. These credits can be used at a later time for individually scheduled OR series classes. Class Credits for a series are *not* possible if canceled within 5 days of the start date of the series or once the series has begun.


Workshop class cancellations are not eligible for refunds or class credits.


Drop In Policy

Drop ins can only be used for individually scheduled classes. At no time can they be used for series classes or workshops. Spots are limited so we encourage signing up as soon as possible! 


Waitlist Policy

If an individually scheduled class that you are dying to take is full, you can sign up for the waitlist! You must have enough class credit to cover the cost of the class to be on the waitlist. You will be moved from the waitlist into the class if a space opens due to an “early cancellation” (at least 12 hours prior to class start). You will be notified that you have been taken off the waitlist and added to the class via automatic email from Mindbody. It is your responsibility to have email notifications enabled in your Mindbody account or to check your account regularly to see if you have made it into class. If you are not moved into the class from the waitlist, the class credit will be returned to your account for use at a later time.


Low Attendance Policy

Classes with low or no registrations will be canceled up to 4 hours prior to the scheduled class start time. For this reason it is important to pre-register for your favorite classes ASAP! If you are registered for a canceled class, you will be notified via email and a class credit will be returned to your account. If you are the only student in the class we will contact you and give you the option of receiving a class credit or converting the class to a private session at a discounted rate of $60 plus your class credit.


Refund Policy

All sales are final. Class Cards, Class Credits, Series Classes and Workshops can not be transferred to another student. Class Cards have an expiration date that cannot be extended. If you have an emergency situation such as an illness, injury, family emergency, etc. please contact us directly at and we will consider your case on an individual basis.


Covid Policies

Flux Vertical Theatre will continue to use the CDC and CA recommended covid updates as guidelines to help keep our community as safe as possible at all times. If you are sick or feeling under the weather, please do not attend any classes.These guidelines can be reviewed at

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