Flux Vertical Theatre is now Non-Profit!

Our Mission is to practice, create, and perform to inspire theatrical pieces through self-expression of dance and movement with the pole as one's dance partner. We strive to build a bridge between contemporary dance and pole dance with respect and inclusion of all genders and genres of the pole community as our priority. 

Flux Vertical Theatre is recreating our show VOID and bringing it back to life on a much larger stage. To achieve this, we need your help! We seek various forms of assistance and are accepting donations no matter how small. With your donations, we will have an increased budget for paid rehearsals, and performances and new costumes. With your extended support, we aim to expand our company with new performers, bring in guests artists and choreographers, and bring us to creating an original score and live music for our performances!


Our team is actively seeking sponsorships, support with fundraising and grant writing, individual and inkind contributions, assistance with costuming, rigging, and rehearsal space. Additionally, we are currently looking for a place to call home. Our ideal space would be a warehouse, which we will build out into a performance and studio space. If you have any leads or ideas we would love to hear!