FLUX Presents...


A Pole Performance Opportunity 


You’ve worked countless hours on your technique and style, you’ve done studio showcases, you’ve done competitions ...where do you go from here?? 


On December 1st Flux Vertical Theatre opened up our stage to pole performers that are aspiring to take their passions to the next level. This new show gave each artist an opportunity to harness their own raw expression through the art of pole. 


Pole dancers exist in one of the most supportive communities world wide. Our mission is to provide independent pole artists with exposure to professional, theatrical experiences and further their creative careers. By giving our performers freedom of expression, unconditionally, we hope to feed their artistic souls with inspiration. 


Nouvelle is designed to teach and prepare dancers for the big stage as well as to provide opportunities to experience what truly goes on behind the scenes of a professional show.


Stayed tuned for our next NOUVELLE