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Flux Vertical Theatre Rentals

Flux Vertical Theater is the newest dance and performance venue in Berkeley California. We are proud to be a resource for creatives and the community. Our 4,000 sqft grass roots studio is home to the Flux Vertical Theatre Academy but also transforms into a classy theatre for all occasions. FVT features a proscenium thrust stage with a capacity of 197 people. It is perfect for performances, cabaret style shows, fun scale productions, intimate plays and experimental work, video/film shoots, classes, auditions, readings, exhibitions, birthday parties, socials, corporate meetings/presentations, and special events.

Please note that it is likely that any rental will occur during the timeframe of a Flux Vertical Theatre production or class. As such certain days/times may not be available or there may be an extra fee associated with cancelling classes for your event to take place. It is also possible that FVT will be in the middle of a production and scenery for that production will be onstage and onsite but FVT will make a best effort to move/remove any furniture or items that will inhibit your event. To ensure that proper space will be available, a site visit and/or discussion with the FVT production manager should be arranged prior to your event.

Please email

for studio/theatre bookings.
See below for information and rates.

Stage Features

- Proscenium: 10ft high, 20 ft wide

- Thrust stage: 23ft wide, 22ft deep

- Stage entrance: stage left only

- Accessibility: vertical wheelchair lift to stage

Facility Use

- 4 Gender neutral bathrooms

- Lounge area

- Le Grand Studio (Main space for audience seating/ dancing)

- Stage and backstage with accessible wheelchair lift

- Le Petit (small studio or dressing room)

- Parking Lot



Le Grand Studio

46 x 58 / 2,668 sqft

Le Petit Studio

19 x 25 / 475 sqft


23 x 22 / 506 sqft





Our rates vary based on how you use the space and what your rental requires. 

Event Rates

Productions, Shows, Parties, etc.


Standard: Mon-Thurs

  • Hourly: $250

  • Full Day: $1,500

Standard: Fri - Sun

  • Hourly: $350

  • Full Day: $2,100

  • Weekend: $6000

Non-Profit Organization

  • Hourly: $150

  • Full Day: $750

The basic rental rates above include the following:

  • Central heat, water, electricity

  • 8 two top cabaret tables with 16 folding chairs (2 at each table)

  • 50 additional folding chairs

  • Basic stage lighting (front, down, and side lighting)

  • House lighting

  • Garbage/recycling receptacles with bags

  • Cleaning facility before the event

FVT Representative

A representative of Flux Vertical Theatre is required for all events. This service is provided at $40/hr from the time the first person arrives until the last person leaves. 

Cleaning Fee

A cleaning fee will be added to any rental over 3 hours in length. This service is provided at $40/hr. $150 deposit will be issued.


Short Term Rentals


Le Grand Studio

Classes & Rehearsals & Video/Photo Shoots

  • Le Petit Studio: $25 hourly

  • Le Grand Studio: $100 hourly

Conferences & Meetings (Includes chairs and tables)

  • Le Petit Studio: $50 hourly

  • Le Grand Studio: $125 hourly

Studio Rental includes:

- Bluetooth sound system

- 12ft tall mirrors  

- Basic lighting

- Sprung hardwood flooring


Le Petit Studio

Cancelling Classes

If your event happens to fall on a time when there is already a class on the schedule and you would like to occupy the space instead of the class then there is a cancellation fee of $500.

Hourly: Any hour between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m, based on availability. Hourly rentals are billed by the half-hour. Hourly rental fees are due after load-out/end time is complete. Minimum of 2 hours

Full Day Flat Rate:. Discounted daily rentals for any event lasting more than 7 hours. Daily rental fees are due before load-in/prep time begins.

Weekend: Friday 8 a.m. - Sunday 11 p.m. Items associated with your event may be kept in the facility overnight.

Services Available

at Additional Costs


Chair Rental 

66 chairs are included with your event rental. If you need more then that it is $4 per chair. If you are renting the space hourly chair rental is $4 per chair. 

Security Personnel

Security personnel is required for events with over 75 people or when alcohol is served. This service is $40/hr.

Box Office

FVT can provide ticketing services for your event at an additional cost of $150 per performance/event plus $3 per ticket. This service includes a box office manager at the door at the time of your event.


FVT can provide bar services for your event at an additional cost of $150 per performance. Please note that due to ABC licensing and state health regulations, users are not allowed to sell their own concessions without proper permitting, licensing and insurance.

Sound System

If your event requires the use of our sound system for musical performances, FVT has the ability to run electronic instruments (microphones, keyboards and the like) through our speakers. FVT will provide a sound technician for your event to set up and break down our equipment as well as an operator for the sound board. The additional cost for this service is $300 per performance. There is no additional charge for only playing music through our sound system.

Advanced Lighting

FVT will provide basic stage lighting as part of the basic rental package. Users renting on an hourly or daily basis may request additional lighting such as color changes and changes in light directionality. No cues will be recorded into the board. The additional cost for this service is $75 per performance.

Cancelling Class

FVT is a dance academy with a full schedule of classes and workshops year around. If you would like to host an event during a regularly scheduled class time then you will need to pay to cancel that class. The fee for cancelling a class is $500 per class. To check the schedule please visit our Class Schedule Page

Showtime floor plan 2.jpg

Example Seating Chart


How Does it work?


Step 1: Fill out a rental inquiry form

Step 2: Discuss your event with an FVT staff member

Step 3: Site visit to further plan event

Step 4: $200 non refundable deposit to hold your date on the calendar

Step 5: Sign a contract generated by FVT representative

Step 6: Prepare for your event

Step 7: Show up on the day of your event and enjoy!

Public Event - anything where tickets are sold, art galleries, vendor fairs

Private Event - Birthday party, wedding, social gathering, dance party, pole party

Rental Inquiry
What Are You Intersted In?
What Space Are You Interestd In?

Thank you for your inquiry.

We will be in touch shortly


Other Information


There is a shared parking lot immediately in front of the building to accommodate approximately 40 vehicles. This parking lot is shared between the businesses in the building and depending on the time of day and which day your event is to take place, some of the spaces may be occupied by the other businesses. There are 2 designated ADA parking spots. Additional parking MAY be available depending on the time of day and the day of your event. This additional parking, if available, is around the corner in the lot next door with 80 additional parking spots.


Loading In

The most convenient entrance to load equipment into the building is through our main double doors. Renters may park in front of the double doors to load/unload their vehicles. Parking is not allowed in this location once equipment has been loaded into the building.

Food and Catering

FVT offers no food catering services. Food may be provided by the renter or through a third-party caterer. Only two designated persons, 18 years old or older, may pour, serve or obtain alcoholic beverages to your guests. Guests may not pour or otherwise obtain their own drinks. All health standards must be adhered to when serving food and beverage. Food and beverages are allowed in the theater proper but no cooking is allowed. There is no kitchen and no open flame of any sort is allowed in the venue.

We ask that you instruct your guests to use the provided receptacles for their trash and recycling. The renter is responsible for ensuring that all food, beverages, and food/beverage-related trash and leftovers be removed from the building.



We are completely accessible with ramps at our entrances and a vertical wheelchair lift to our stage. If you know in advance that you will have individuals attending your shows who need this type of seating, it is suggested that you designate chairs and/or a table for them. There are two ADA parking spots in front of our main double glass doors. We also have two ADA bathrooms.

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