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There are a couple ways to support Flux Vertical Theatre!!

Become a Sponsor
As an Individual or a Business

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RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Sonsors are to make reservations through Eventbright with their respective membership code. Please note this is for a 12 month period.

Thank You to ALL of our Sponsors

Our Indie-Gogo

Joseph Aziz - Diamond

Kimberly Cleghorn - Gold

Alex Barbe - Silver

Tyler Hill - Silver

Greg Gibeling - Silver

Diamond, Gold and Silver Donors

Our Benefactors

Deb Ayers


Sasha Berleman

Alex Liss

Katie Gede

Debra Colecchia

Marrianne Lu

Michelle Lopez

Natalie Szweda

Lyra Levin


Anamaria Maireanu

Janet Casamento

Nick Brently

Jessica Centorbi

Mirabelle To

Vincent Ernano

Our Dancers Group Donors

Our Indie-Gogo Donors

Nikki Borodi

JenJen Wong

Osborn Roxas

Kristin Sutkiene

Laarni Peralta

Fallon Dominguez

Aleksey Shlyapnikov

Chris Hilton

Natasha Jimenez

Amy Abascal

Marissa Hall

Joy Lin

Behnam Vadi

Gera Rivkin

Annie Reed

Emily Feather

Yes Duffy

Stacy and Bill

Nathan Krieger

Jennifer Brumbaugh

Michelle Stehle

Dr. Mari Mitrani

Alexandra Liss

Jen Angel

Jack C Tipple III

Heidi Creelman

Charley Hasenbeck

Lori Ayers

Cristina Smith

Adam Theis

Vixi Vale

Anne Reeb

Crystal Song

Nathan Granados

Samantha Neuber

Lauren Gutgesell

Wayne Miller

Nick Kasimatis

Caresse Fernandez

Robert Domondon

Lacin Keles

Jessica Lee

Twirly Studios

Nick Rutowski

Jennifer Collins

Celia Ford

Isabella Granados

Jeri Hirvela

Judy Jang Jan

Ben Misterka

Sarah Blair

Rebecca Rising

Ryan Kushner

Opal Essence

Roshan Habarakada

Kristin Lewis

Wish List

You can help us by purchasing some of our Amazon wishlist items directly that will help improve our future productions!

Flux Vertical Theatre would like to thank all our friends and the local businesses who have supported us…
plus future business collaborations!


Tax-Deductible Donations


We are very excited to be a part of the Dancers Group family as the first pole dance company they represent!!! You can donate tax free in support of Flux Vertical Theatre via Dancers Group by clicking the link below. 

Flux Vertical Theatre dreams of recreating our show VOID as well as continuing to build a repertory of full length productions for years to come. To achieve this, we need your help! We seek various forms of assistance and are accepting donations of all sizes. With your extended support we aim to expand our company and crew, bring in guest artists and choreographers, be able to create original scores with live music for our performances and so much more! 
Our team is actively seeking sponsorships, support with fundraising and grant writing, individual and in-kind contributions, assistance with costuming and tech. If you have any leads or ideas we would love to hear from you!

Playbill Ad Space

Flux Vertical Theatre appreciates your support with the help of Playbill Advertisements! This opportunity allows us to raise funds in support of local performing arts and business exposure for you. This funding helps increase our effort to produce and maintain great quality theatre while promoting our fellow community of businesses.


If you are interested in purchasing a playbill ad for one of our shows, below is the list of requirements to consider before submitting your business ad.

Playbill Ads.jpg

Quarter Page

4.5" x 1.687"


Quarter Page

2.125" x 3.625"


Half Page

4.5" x 3.625"


Full Page

4.5" x 7.5"



+ High-resolution PDF or JPEG files accepted; 300DPI min for printing


+ Ads may be printed in grayscale or color


+ Ads must be received 2 weeks prior to opening night of desired production. Email Ads to fluxverticaltheatre
+ You may purchase your playbill ad via online below and you will receive a receipt once submitted.

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