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Summer Academy Showcase

July 21st @7pm


Join us as this summer as we feature our incredible FVTA students! It's time to let our students show off the routines that they've choreographed and have been working tirelessly on since the begining of the year. We're thrilled to have been building such a fabulous family at FVTA in just a short time and cannot wait to showcase them with you. They have been training and taking classes on our stage and are ready for an audience!

Upcoming Events

Crimson Cabaret

August 3, 4, & 9, 10 @ 7pm

We are excited to announce our first *ORIGINAL* dance theatre production. A dark and mysterious film noir tale where hypnotic movements of dancers and their silhouettes cast shadows that hold secrets of passion, betrayal and murder. The plot twists and turns as you meet mysterious characters, each with their own motives and desires, each with a role to play in this theatrical dance drama. Here, amidst the flickering neon lights and the haze of smoke, beneath the glamor and glitz lies an alluring tale where film noir meets the seductive charm of a femme fatale whose beauty conceals a deadly secret....

Join us as we lift the curtain on 'Crimson Cabaret'!

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