Welcome to While In Flux Throw Back Show

You are here because you are a supporter of the Bay Area Pole Dance Studios.

Thank You and we hope you enjoy the show!

Take a look at some of our amazing studios that were involved in this fundraiser. 

And now back to our show!



Thank You to all of our donors! None of this would happen without you. Our fundraiser is now closed but we are still accepting ticket donations for this show to continue to support local pole studios. 


Thank You to all of our amazing performers: Aj Job Bautista, Seanmichael Rau, Renee Wu, Kirstin Brown, Eve Exothermal, Kristen Leigh, Felicia Drake, Kimmy Fitz, Flying Laura, Sade and Erica, Judy Gray, Hana Granados, Sasja Fierce, Leah Marie and Mz.K 


Thank You Kenny Hoff, Jacob Haslem, Malachi Leopold and J

ackson Dean for the beautiful footage


Thank You Revival Bar and Kitchen and The Great Northern


Thank You to all of our crew and volunteers throughout the years!


Thank You to Phoenix Aerial Art and Pole, Rockit Pole Fitness, Magnetic Pole Fit, Sedusa Studio, Steel Heart Dance, Twirly Girls, The Vertitude Santa Rosa and Wildcat Parlour for being a part of this journey. We’re so happy to be supporting all 8 studios!