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Instructor showcasing pole dance technique with a confident pose at Flux Vertical Theatre in Berkeley, California

The Bay Area's 

Best Pole and

Dance Academy

Unleash your inner dancer, build strength, gain confidence, and join our artistic community! 

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Legs in the air with stilettos on at Flux Vertical Theatre

Meet People. Work Out. Have Fun.

We have been waiting for you! Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced dancer, we promise you will discover a vibrant community of incredible people who support whatever stage you are in on your pole journey. Our inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, allows us to share in the experience, foster friendships and revel in the joy of movement. You'll find a spirit of togetherness flourish as you dedicate to this art and explore new limits, all while having a blast. 

Instructor showcasing pole dance technique with a confident pose at Flux Vertical Theatre in Berkeley, California

First Time

Welcome! You have come to the right place! Your presence here signals a curiosity to unlock the wonders of pole dance, and we would like to invite you to dive into all our classes and meet our fantastic instructors. Get ready to experience the transformative power of pole dance firsthand. 

– it's not just a workout, it's a life-changing journey!

Taking a pole or dance class offers a multifaceted approach to fitness and self expression. Beyond the physical benefits of building strength, flexibility and coordination, pole dancing provides a unique and empowering way to express oneself through movement. It's a form of art and athleticism that not only challenges your body but also boosts confidence and body positivity. It is a refreshing departure from traditional workout routines, offering a dynamic and engaging experience that fosters creativity and personal growth. Whether you're seeking a fun and expressive fitness outlet or aiming to push your physical boundaries, pole and dance classes are a perfect way to achieve your goals.

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Our classes are not your average workout – they're a journey through the art of movement, strength, and uninhibited creativity. Whether you're a curious beginner or a seasoned pole enthusiast, our classes are a fusion of fun, fitness, and the freedom to discover and express your unique style.

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