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Pole Parties

Choose Your Style

The Bay Area's top party destination. Get ready to celebrate your next event in style.

Whether it's a birthday party, bachelorette party or just a fun night out with the pals, we got you covered.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that your friends and family will be talking about for ages to come. 

Pole Dance


Chair Dance


Heels Dance

Basic Party Package

Celebrate in style with all your besties! Get ready to unleash your inner superstar with some new seriously awesome skills! Whether you're in the mood to master the art of seduction or learn some new party tricks that'll wow the crowd, we've got the perfect blend of fun for you. Feel the exhilaration of your first spin around the pole and let loose with fabulous hair whips and hip rolls that scream diva vibes. But here's the real kicker – your party wraps up with a bang as you and your crew combine these newfound skills for a group performance that'll have everyone talking about the night for ages!



90 min - up to 8 people

$35 for each additional guest (max capacity is 24 guests)

**All guests must be 18+ to attend and participate.**

**All guests must be paid for, even if they’re just watching.**




- for each additional 30 minutes of lesson time with your instructor 

- for each additional 30 minutes of dance party time with your guests 

- for a special instructor performance at the end of lesson (can be paid in CASH at time of party)


Photoshoot Add-on - 60 min for up to 8 guests

  - Host will receive a private gallery of images via email the next day and will get to choose 1 high res photo per guest

  - Additional guests are $50 each

You got Questions? We got Answers

  • We want you to have a blast at your party but, please, no alcohol (or otherwise) consumption before you arrive or during your party. Parties that arrive intoxicated (in any manner) will be canceled without refund. 

    You are welcome to bring any food you would like but remember to bring plates and utensils as well. 

  • We want you to feel amazing so wear comfortable dance/workout attire that makes you feel like a STAR! Leggings, bike/bootie shorts, leotard, sports bra/tank top are a few suggestions. 

    Certain dance styles require different attire suggestions. For example: If you're doing a Pole party, and are comfortable with it, we suggest having leg skin from above the knee down OR from top of thigh down uncovered. 

    Barefoot is great! Stilettos are great IF they have never been worn on the street and are proper ‘dance heels’. All shoes must be approved by your instructor upon arrival while guests are signing their waivers. No street shoes allowed. 

    Rings/Bracelets/Watches are not allowed to be worn during any pole or chair dance parties as they will scratch the equipment. We also highly recommend *not* wearing lotions or body oils the day of your party. It will make it nearly impossible to stick to the equipment and get your groove on!

  • No previous experience is necessary to have a blast. We will teach you some basic and entertaining dance moves and play around a lot. 

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