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New Student Special

New Student Special 3 class pack does *NOT* pay for Series Classes, Workshops or Master Classes. ***New Student Special expires 30 days from the date of purchase.***

We have 2 Gift Card options available online.

The first option is a gift card for $100 and the other option allows you to add whatever amount you want. 

Studio Classes

Single Class - $38 online.


Open Studio - $15  (1 hr)

                       - $30 (3 hr)

* No refunds. Expires 30 days after purchase

Studio Class Packs

5 Class Packs - $180

10 Class Packs - $350

20 Class Packs - $650

Each class pack expiration date is between 3-12 months depending on what pack you purchased. Please take note of your expiration date.

As of January 30, 2024 we no longer offer class packs with auto renew. If you are currently on a class pack plan with auto renew it will expire on the date listed on your contract of the original purchase.

*Non transferable between students.



Stretch-A-Lates Program

This new program has a *different* price point than our regular Studio Classes:

Stretch-A-Lates Drop In = $30 a class
Stretch-A-Lates 5 Class Pack = $125

As an FVTA Unlimited Member we believe that you should also have access to this program, therefore we will be throwing 12 Stretch-A-Lates classes into your account each month so that you can benefit!

Due to this difference in pricing current 5, 10, 20 Studio Class Packs will not work for these Stretch-A-Lates classes.



We love our FVT Academy family and we want YOU to be a part of it by becoming an Unlimited Member. We've done the math and it's an amazing deal!


$250 Unlimited Membership Perks:

  • Unlimited access to any of our drop in Studio Classes

  • Unlimited access to our scheduled Open Studio times

  • 12 Stretch-A-Lates Program classes per month 

  • Discounted rate for Series Classes


Our Unlimited Membership is available *only* as an annual contract, & is $250 per month. Upon signing up you will be charged $250 each month, starting on the *date of payment* & on that date every month after for 12 months. This allows you to sign up for as many STUDIO CLASSES as you like each month, WOOHOO!


Stretch-A-Lates Program Classes:

We're slowly adding this new program into the mix and are extremely excited about it! This *new program* is focused on strengthening and lengthening through stretching, active flexibility and Pilates. We currently have 1 weekly class on the schedule and by the new year we will have 3 weekly classes available: Fluxibility, Pilates + and Stretch-A-Lates! The program will have a new price point BUT as an FVTA Unlimited Member we believe that you should also have access to this program, therefore we will be throwing 12 Stretch-A-Lates classes into your account each month so that you can benefit! 


Membership Series Class Discounted Rate:

Agreeing to & signing up for our Unlimited Membership also gets you a *special discount* on our Series Classes. HOORAYYYY! We have created this special pricing of $30 per class for our 3, 4 & 5 week Series Classes especially for you. Meaning a 3 week series = $90, etc.... You can ONLY see this pricing IF you are a MEMBER due to signing up for our Unlimited Membership.



Unlimited Membership does *NOT* pay for/cover the following:

  • Workshops

  • Workshop Series

  • Pop Up Workshop Classes

  • Special Events



Series Classes

3, 4 or 5 week series classes for choreography and skill building. 

You will be able to sign up with your 5, 10, 20 class card credits. 

Must commit to the entire series. There are no make up options for missed classes.


*Non transferable between students.

Private Lessons

Privates - $100 per hour

5 pack - $460

2 Person Semi Private - $150 ($75 per person)

3 Person Semi Private - $175 ($58 per person)

*No refunds. Expires 30 days after purchase 

We understand that not every one can afford to take classes at the going rate. If you are one of those people please reach out to see if you are right for our work study program. We will do our best to accommodate those dancers who are eager to be here.

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